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Updates: Classic 5.1 (311)

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Version Lineage 2 Classic/Legasy 5.1(311)

We are making a version that differs from the official one. Our goal is to provide you with a luxury server.

Accumulated updates:

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27 October.
Accumulated updates:

  • Added Frintezza Doll
  • Increased mobs in locations: Ant Nest, Abandoned Camp, Death Pass, Gorgon Flower Garden
  • Reduced respawn time to mobs in locations: Death Pass, LoA, DV, Cruma
  • Updated droplist
  • Updated item icons for Shift+Click droplist
  • Skills updated and learn to 90 "Hurricane Assault"(284), "Spoil Crush"(348), "Bluff"(385), "Dark Smash"(477), "Dryad Root"(1201), "Seal of Binding"(1208), "Throwing Spear"(1625), "Soul Impulse"(45155), "Soul Slash"(45160), "Double Sonic Slash"(5), "Thunder Storm"(48), "Stun Blast"(361),  "Sonic Blaster"(6), "Shield Stun"(92), "Triple Sonic Slash"(261), "Mass Shackling"(404), "Shield Strike"(984), "Shield Charge"(1898), "Horror"(65), "Stunning Shot"(101), "Lethal Shot"(343), "Lethal Blow"(344), "Shadow Step"(821), "Death Shot"(990), "Silence"(1064), "Sleep"(1069), "Sleeping Cloud"(1072), "Death Spike"(1148), "Curse Fear"(1169), "Anchor"(1170), "Blaze"(1220), "Prominence"(1230), "Hydro Blast"(1235), "Hurricane"(1239), "Bind"(53006), "Might of Heaven"(1028), "Hold Undead"(1042), "Word of Fear"(1272), "Holy Aura"(107), "Shield Bash"(352), "Tribunal"(400), "Judgment"(401), "Arrest"(402), "Sword Symphony"(98), "Fatal Strike"(190), "Hammer Crush"(260), "Lightning Strike"(279), "Burning Fist"(280), "Soul Breaker"(281), "Armor Crush"(362), "Song of Silence"(437), "Mental Panic"(627), "Lightning Shock"(791), "Fear"(1092), "Dreaming Spirit"(1097), "Aqua Swirl"(1175), "Twister"(1178), "Steal Essence"(1245), "Seal of Silence"(1246), "Shadow Bind"(1446), "Voice Bind"(1447), "Body crush"(1613), "Deadly Strike"(1632), "Mass Lightning Strike"(10094), "Ground Smash"(45249)
  • Skills corrects "Soul Thrust"(45160), "Soul Thrust"(45161),
  • Transformation Pirate/Dark Assassin/White Assassi - correct reuse and auto-use
  • Removed old drop from mobs in LOA
  • To RC added Elixir (low chance), Elixir Fragments(3)
  • Reload mobs in LOA - official, respawn time reduced
  • Increase mobs in locations: Alligator Island, Sea of Spores, Plains of Glory, War-Torn Plains and some low-mobs locations
  • Added PvP-concept
  • Changed reward to some Daily Missions
  • Fixed SA insert/extract rules on the server-side
  • Removed Daily Coins and Goods in Clan NPC
  • Removed "Increase Level" in Clan NPC - clan levelup auto, depends on how many clan members will farm mobs
  • Minor fixes
  • Reload spawn in locations: all Elementals, GC, Silent Valley, 24_11 spiders; increased amount x1.5;
  • Stabilized char move and lagg
  • Optimized char known list
  • Patches updated, last 27 Oct


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28 Oct - 14 Nov
Accumulated updates:

  • Added Exp penalty info to Mob Shift window
  • Reload spawn mobs to ABG
  • Correct skill "Demolition Impact"(777)
  • Reload spawn (increased and reduce reuse) Dino, EV
  • Refixed Aden Bow - very low spd 227 and reuse 820
  • Removed King/Emperor Squash
  • Expanded Auto-farm range: short 600 -> 700, long 1400 -> 1600
  • Minor fixes
  • Increased mobs amount in DV
  • Reloading mobs in Blazing Swamp
  • to Ripe Squashes added Clothes
  • Fixed Frintezza instance
  • Small increased amount of mobs near Goddard
  • Reduced respawn for mobs Devil's Isle
  • Fixed bug with trade and LS - trade with LS will be enable
  • to RB Death Knights returned Improved Enchant Scrolls D C B A
  • to Ripe Squash added Improved Enchant Scrolls D C B
  • to Large Ripe Squash added  Improved Enchant Scrolls D C B A
  • Changed buff Battle Scroll -> Pirat Fruit
  • Updated Battle Boxes in Clan Arena. 3-4 lvl gives and Daily Coins
  • Drop Dragon Coins by loot owner (who (pt, cc) made top dmg)
  • Fixed auto-heal HP potions: work auto only to HP
  • Added Reroll option for change Class. Alt+B -> Classes. No change Class to Heroes.


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